Pharmacist, Lawyer, Social Justice Activist.

Emily Dimitriadis is an Australian Labor Party member and a lifelong resident of Darebin who attended the local Fairfield Primary School and Thornbury High School before undertaking a Bachelor of Pharmacy at Monash University and a postgraduate degrees in law at the University of Melbourne.

Emily is standing for council to make a positive contribution to the growing community while ensuring residents and businesses are supporter though the coronovirus pandemic and recovery.

Here’s what Emily is fighting for:

  • Stop unnecessary increases in rates.

  • Stop oppressive parking constraints residential streets with very limited ability to access permits.

  • Secure jobs and investment into Darebin to recover and rebuild from the pandemic. 

  • Vote against inappropriate development in our neighbourhoods and actively work to improve planning controls.

  • Improve our local amenities and services. 

  • Ensure real action on climate change by using the practical levers available to local government.

  • Introduce proper governance and accountability over expenditure and decision-making.


See the About Emily page for further information on Emily Dimitriadis

VEC Candidate Statement

300 Word Candidate Statement coming to you in a VEC ballot package near you and suggested how to vote

I am a lifelong resident of Darebin and a Labor Party member. In casting your vote please know that if elected I will work hard to:

  • Stop increases in rates during this pandemic;

  • Make sure the blanket 2 hour parking limits do not go ahead;

  • Bring back accountability to the way Council spends your money;

  • Develop our health facilities, schools, kindergartens and community centres by working with the Victorian Government, not against it;

  • Focus on securing jobs and investment into Darebin; Ensure real action on climate change and not just slogans;

Vote against inappropriate developments in our neighbourhoods. I want Darebin to get back to basics by prioritising funding towards safer roads, cleaner streets and signing up to the state-wide recycling plan to send fewer recyclables to land fill. I am a hospital pharmacist and human rights lawyer.

I work hard to support our multicultural and refugee communities, assist survivors of family violence and push for social and gender equality. Working on the frontline as an Emergency Department Pharmacist during COVID-19, I have seen firsthand the devastating effects on individuals, families and the community. I want to ensure all Darebin residents and businesses are well supported during the recovery.

My pledge is to listen to you and deliver on your needs. Together we can make a real difference in Darebin.

As a proud local, I attended St Andrews Kindergarten, Fairfield Primary and Thornbury High schools. I ask for your vote as a local so together we can secure a safe, fair and progressive future for our community. Please place [1] next to Emily Dimitriadis and complete all the other boxes to make your vote count. Contact me directly on 0492 893 342 or and visit

Together we can Achieve!

October 07 2020

Ballots have started to arrive

Australia post has started to deliver ballots to all registered voters by priority post, this is anticipated to take a few days  for everyone to receive their ballots so don't panic yet if you have not received yours yet. 

September 20 2020

South Darebin Campaign Launch Recap

Thank you to the more than 100 people who tunned into the Campaign Launch with Ged Kearney MP, Peter Willis and Chiara Lawry. It was great to have many interesting questions from the community.  Please contact me with any concerns you have had with Darebin Council or your vision for Darebin. The full launch is available on our Facebook page and you can watch an edited version here. Thank you to Toby Halligan for hosting at the last minute. Click on the event image below or this link to watch the video.


September 12 2020

South Darebin Campaign Launch Event

I am excited to announce my campaign launch.

Join Emily Dimitriadis for the South East WardChiara Lawry for the South Ward and Peter Willis for the South Central Ward along with Federal Member for Cooper, Ged Kearney MP and author and presenter Jamilla Rizvi on Thursday the 17th of September at 7 PM for a live Facebook Event.

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Find out more on the event page or About Emily

August 12, 2020

Announcement to run as a candidate  

I am extremely excited to be running as a candidate for the City of Darebin council elections in October 2020. As a lifelong resident of Darebin, I am standing to advocate for our growing community during these unprecedented times and beyond.

I am a pharmacist, a human rights and migration lawyer in Darebin and a social justice activist. As a child, I attended St Andrews Kindergarten in Fairfield, I went to Fairfield Primary School and later finished High School at Thornbury High. I am proud to say that from a local public high school I gained entry into the Bachelor of Pharmacy at Monash University, I studied a Juris Doctor at The University of Melbourne and I also completed a Master of Laws. Volunteering has also been an important aspect of my life. Recently I have dedicated my time working with migrant and refugee communities, assisting survivors of family violence, gender-equality and women’s advocacy groups, while fighting on the frontline of the coronavirus pandemic.

Darebin has always been my home. My husband and I love it here. We celebrate the diversity it brings, its friendliness and vibrancy, its great access to shops, restaurants, transport, entertainment and its vast employment opportunities. We could not think of a better community to raise a family in.
I am standing as a candidate for this year’s council elections to ensure that all Darebin residents and businesses are well supported and prosper beyond the recovery of the coronavirus pandemic.

Here’s what we’re fighting for:
- The health of our community,
- Securing jobs and sustainable economic developments to stimulate the economy in Darebin,
- Responsible council rates,
- Easing of parking restrictions,
- Human rights and equality,
- Good governance,
- Action on climate change to ensure our community will prosper into the



Together We Can Achieve!


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With the upcoming council elections in October 2020, here in Darebin there have been some changes to our existing wards.

There are now 9 new Wards in Darebin and 1 Councillor will be voted in per ward.

If you are on the border or unsure of your ward, you can check your enrollment on the VEC Virtual Map and enter your address:

If you live or own a property or business in the South East ward of Darebin, I would love to hear from you.


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