Encouragement of business development and jobs creation.

  • Convene a jobs summit of agencies, community members and local industry to develop an action plan for the jobs of the future especially those linked to sustainability for the post COVID-19 recovery.

  • Support an innovative, vibrant and thriving mixed economy of large and small business in Darebin. Jobs with a focus on key sectors of government and community services, food and beverage manufacturing, education, arts, culture, tourism, health, housing hospitality, environmental sustainability and retail.

  • Increase the employment of locals of all ages in permanent council jobs in apprenticeships and training.

  • Prioritise the use of local businesses in the Darebin Plus areas (seven northern councils) by increasing the local content criteria in tender assessments to a 15% weighting for council procurement.

  • Employment policies of First Nations people in permanent Council jobs, apprenticeships and traineeships based on employment practices of leading private sector companies and government agencies.