Support a vibrant, culturally rich and socially inclusive community.

  • Celebrates artistic and cultural diversity and recognises the unique needs of all communities in Darebin.

  • Enhance the appreciation and development of the Arts in Darebin by ensuring adequate funding for existing and new cultural initiatives.

  • Support and promote multicultural festivals under the auspices of the Darebin Council as a medium for celebrating cross-cultural understanding and tolerance.

  • Actively support and encourage initiatives to ensure equity in the Municipality for members of the First Nations and LGBTIQ communities in Darebin.

  • Acknowledge that the original custodians of this country are in need of assistance and support in preserving and promoting an understanding of their own cultures and develop initiatives to assist with this process and develop council policies to facilitate this.

  • Invest in sport and recreation activities and infrastructure to meet growing demand and to ensure equitable and accessible participation by all residents.

  • Encourage the health and wellbeing of Darebin residents across the life stages through liveable neighbourhoods, informal recreation opportunities and accessible open spacesConvene a jobs summit of agencies, community members and local industry to develop an action plan for the jobs of the future especially those linked to sustainability for the post COVID-19 recovery.