Environmental Sustainability and socially appropriate Development.

  • Prioritise local government’s role in mitigation and adaptation to climate change. I will push for the promotion of projects and systems that increase the use of renewable energy or which increases the vegetation cover in the municipality as well as supporting strategies to protect the most vulnerable in our community during extreme heat.

  •  Expand urban forest program with a new volunteer program and more inter-government agency agreements to preserve Darebin’s urban forest for future generations

  • Lead our community and work collaboratively with Non-Government Organisations, Federal and State governments and business partners to deliver an environmentally sustainable city.

  • Expand our conservation work on our creek valleys and wetlands including Darebin Parlkands in the South East Ward.. Ensure that agencies entrusted to do this are adequately resourced to carry out their role.

  •  Ensure protection of remnant species in the municipality as well as the promotion of biodiversity corridors between our parklands, along our waterways and, where possible, in our suburbs through the promotion of indigenous plants and low water use gardens.

  • Support the relevant council and community groups and experts to be a source of advice for council, support for various community programs which encourage sustainability in our community e.g. community gardens, Darebin Fruit Squad.