Good governance, inclusive decision-making and financial responsibility.

  • Encourage active community engagement in Council decision—making via advisory committees, more open meetings, restoration of ward meetings and creations of resident panels that ensure that residents across the municipality are heard.

  • Push for a review and improve Darebin City Council’s Charter of Good Governance to ensure higher standards of councillor conduct and to eliminate conflicts of interest in the council and the planning committee.

  • Where appropriate, make councillor briefings public and put them on the web cast to remove perceptions of, and any actual, closed door decision making.

  • Improve the decision making processes of the Council to prevent reckless and irresponsible spending on short sighted initiatives and projects that are inconsistent with good strategic planning and budget management. The long-term goal is for sustainable spending.

  • Underpin ALL council decision making and planning processes with reference to the twin goals of environmental sustainability and social justice.