1. Stop unnecessary increases in rates.

  2. Stop oppressive parking constraints that would impose 2-hour limits on residential streets with very limited ability to access permits.

  3. Secure jobs and investment into Darebin to recover and rebuild from the pandemic, instead of chasing budget surpluses and reducing local investment by $19 million.

  4. Vote against inappropriate development in our neighbourhoods and actively work to improve planning controls across our suburbs to balance the needs of our community.

  5. Improve our local amenities and services by investing in community health, public transport, streetscapes, local parks, sporting clubs, childcare, aged care and community services.

  6. Ensure real action on climate change by using the practical levers available to local government, not wasting ratepayer dollars on slogans and petitions.

  7. Introduce proper governance and accountability over expenditure and decision-making by Darebin council.

Together we can Achieve!