Quality council provided services.

  • Review all service provisions and plans of council from the top down to ensure the development of a council administration culture that delivers excellent customer services that are responsive, accessible and inclusive, and treats local residents and local business as key stakeholders of our democratic city.

  • Adopt multi-lingual services and ensure multilingual and culturally diverse information is provided.

  • Develop a Darebin wide city equity and social inclusion plan.

  • Develop a new disability access plan for council owned assets (streets, playgrounds and buildings).

  • Strengthen Council’s capacity to meet all future childcare needs and new demands from families.

  • Protect our quality aged care services and expand upon this to support residents in need with COVID-19 and post COVID-19 recovery support.

  • Develop a fill-the-gap public transport lobby plan to advocate for bus, tram and train service design and frequency to give all residents across the city better access to transport.

  • Recognise that many Darebin residents are dependent on local government services to assist them in facing the many crises that occur to all of us from time to time and that need should be the sole criteria upon which access to services should be prioritised.

  • Invest in institutions and assets which contribute to life-long learning, active citizenship and social inclusion e.g. neighbourhood houses, U3A, libraries, DIVRS